Thursday, February 2, 2012

Failure to Launch

It’s official, the statement that I have been dreading all week was released from Maranello this morning. Ferrari announced on their twitter account that both the shake down and launch of the F2012 have been cancelled. “It is still snowing heavily here in Maranello. Therefore, the launch ceremony of the new F1 car has been cancelled. Pictures, interviews and technical analysis of the new car will be available tomorrow on” I am naturally devastated by this news. I had bought a new pair of winter boots, purchased a whole bunch of snacks in preparation for my day in the snow and had been anticipating the arrival of tomorrow for several months. Ferrari’s news has made me want to curl up in bed and have someone wake me right before the start of free practice 1 at the Australian Grand Prix.

I know that no one can control the weather and Fernando Alonso could hardly be expected to drive the F2012 around Fiorano like a snow plough. Still, after a few months of having not seen a Formula 1 car in action, I am beginning to have major withdrawal symptoms. I think that I will probably head to Maranello tomorrow even though there will be no shake down on track. (I need to make sure that buses are still running) Something about the town always lifts my spirits and perhaps if I get lucky I may even spot a Ferrari celebrity or two. When I say celebrity, I am talking about someone like Stefano Domenicali more than any of the drivers, although surely they have to show up in order to have their pictures taken with the car. (This is my theory at least!) If at the end of the day the only thing that I manage to accomplish tomorrow is develop a minor case of frost bite and blisters on my feet, at least I will have some pretty pictures to show for it!


  1. Well hey! You got new winter boots out of it! And just think, this time last year, there was NO way you could have gone to see the launch. You can always pop up to Maranello for the day and enjoy the place, and pig out on snacks. :)

  2. Very true! The only problem is that I ate all of my snacks already...disappointment goes well with chocolate!lol!