Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pizza Caption Competition

Today I visited my favourite pizzeria in Lodi for lunch. The little family-run shop, known to many of the locals as Castello, is located right beside Piazza Castello and sells amazing pizza and focaccia by the slice! My current favourite is their potato pizza. I have no idea how they make it taste so phenomenal, but it simply melts in your mouth and the little herbs they add give it an extra kick that sends me back for more at least once a week.

If you decide to take your pizza home, they give it to you in a variety of random and humorous boxes. I’m not sure that the boxes are supposed to be humorous, but I always see each of them as a caption competition waiting to happen. Today’s box depicts two men making pizza and I thought that it would be fun to hear some other people’s thoughts on the design.

Don’t be shy and post your captions in the comments section, you can always leave your comment anonymously. I will be sure to announce the winner in a few weeks time. I’m looking forward to reading your response!


  1. How about Man on left - "Mine's bigger than yours" Man on right - "Size isn't everything"

    Or Man on left - "Real men eat meat!" man on right "Uhnhuh"

    Or Man on left - "You wanna taste my pie?" man on right "not tonight sweetie"

  2. "Young man - you know nothing! Tomato base first, THEN the toppings."

    "Knot behind or in front? The legendary Neckerchief Wars continue."

  3. lol! The guy on the right OBVIOUSLY thinks that his way is better judging from his condescending glance!

  4. Guy on left, "What the hell did you put on my pizza?!"
    Guy on right, "What pizza?"

  5. I actually thought something along those lines when I first saw the box! lol!