Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lewis Hamilton Gets a New Phone Number

It seems as though the catty dispute between Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton is the Formula 1 headline that just won’t die. The one time friends had a falling out over Hamilton’s failure to appear at the former Force India driver’s court case last month. If you don’t keep up with this kind of non-racing related gossip, I will fill you in. Basically, the pair were partying in a Shanghai nightclub last April when Sutil was involved in an altercation with Genii Capital (the owners of Lotus) CEO Eric Lux. Lux received a rumoured twenty four stitches after the incident, which saw Sutil assault him with a champagne glass. Sutil maintains that he only wanted to pour his drink on the Luxembourg businessman, however, given the severity of Lux’s injuries, this explanation seems difficult to believe. The courts agreed, and Sutil was found guilty of grievous bodily harm.

In the aftermath of the verdict, which comes with a suspended 18 month jail sentence, Sutil has lashed out at Hamilton for not lending him his support and even changing his phone number prior to the trial! The twenty nine year old German, who is beginning to sound like a bitter ex-wife, branded the Englishman as a coward. “I do not want to be friends with someone like that.” Sutil stated in Germany’s Bild magazine “He is for me no man.” Sutil’s father Jorge even weighed in on the matter, telling the Munchner Merkur newspaper “I think my son chose the wrong friend.”

To be fair on Hamilton, he was caught between a rock and a hard place. Being involved in such a scandal would have been a publicity nightmare for the McLaren driver after a year of negative press. Sutil is correct, in that Lewis did not exactly handle the matter with maturity and honour, in fact he behaved more like a teenaged boy who didn’t know how to split up with his clingy girlfriend. Still, if Adrian is looking for someone to blame for his problems, he needs only to look in the mirror. As annoying as he is, Hamilton wins this particular paddock catfight, especially because he has refused to comment on the matter.

If Sutil has been left fuming, he can certainly cheer himself up by looking at the many embarrassing Lewis Hamilton photos and videos that are all over the internet. My particular favourite depicts an unsteady Lewis ‘flying’ over a group of men fighting in armour. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3CzMlbd_so Fast forward to 0:50 for an especially funny moment…You’re welcome Adrian!

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